In the Home Inspection industry, one of the more advanced pieces of technology that can be used is an infrared camera to complete Thermal Imaging Inspections. A Thermal Imaging Inspection is a non-invasive process that uses an infrared camera to measure and record the surface temperature of materials. Although this technology does let you see more than the naked eye, it is not x-ray vision and will let you see through walls. Instead, infrared cameras capture images that use a colour scale to show temperature differences on surfaces.

As a home inspector, I understand that water leakage is a significant concern for my clients. In fact, I have learned that water is the single biggest enemy of homes. This is why I have tailored my Thermal Imaging Inspections to look for concealed water problems. During my Thermal Imaging Inspections, I will use infrared cameras to look for hidden moisture in the most vulnerable areas, with specific focus on basements, areas around and below doors and windows, and ceilings below roofs and bathrooms.